Finishing Castable resin prints and bad prints

Hi. we have recently purchased a Formlabs 2 for our college jewelry program and I am trying to figure out some issues.
Main problem is that the prints have a roughness to them…almost crystallized finish that it printed over the entire surface. In looking at pictures of other jewellery prints they seem clean and smooth’ish and almost transparent in colour. Our are coming out waxy and opaque.

Is there a good method of smoothing out the breakaway support marks?

Any help would be good.
Thank you

I cannot speak specifically do Castable or Jewelry, however in general the support marks can be sanded away with varying grits of sand paper. I start with 100, then move on to 400, 800 and depending on what the piece is for I will commence with 1200 and even wet sanding using mineral oil.

There are plenty of Jewelers on this forum who can give you more specific help with castable resin and jewelry.

In the mean time it would be helpful if you posted a few pictures.

Hi there! Are you using Castable V2 resin for these prints? The material is an opaque blue color, which is bright blue when printed and turns a darker, almost greyish-green when it’s postcured.

Our supports are designed to break away fairly cleanly, but you might consider lowering the touch point size in PreForm to make the contact places smaller (depending on the geometry of your prints). They can also be gently filed down.

If you have pictures available, please do post them. It can help us provide the right kind of assistance if it’s needed!

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Thanks I will post some shortly. Cheers

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