Fixing castable V1 print

Hello everyone
I was wondering if it is possible to fix tiny holes I get after removing support on castable V1 prints ( or any other problems of that kind) with regular jewelry wax carving like Simons or Ferris wax? Will it affect the casting process? Also, can I use 100% organic wax cleaner like Wax Kleen from Vigor on castable V1 print?
Thank you!!

Get a small 405nm “Violet” laser pointer. Dab a little drop of liquid resin in to the divots with a toothpick, cure them with the handheld laser, and then sand/shape/profile the cured blobs to blend with the surrounding surface.

Thank you for the answer.!
Where can I get this handheld laser pointer??

You can just fill them with wax its quick, easy and will not affect the casting process - in fact those bits where you have added wax will cast better than the rest of the object.

Just search for “405nm Laser” and take your pick!

If you own a diamond tester you can use the included uv-lamp as emergency solution.

Thank you very much for the tip!!