Making castable jewelry

The problem I have is that most of the current jewelry companies out there they produce plain BLAH castings and they are expensive!
The next problem I have is going thru a casting company to produce my castings but all i have to work with is the BLAH castings i cant give them any new designs.
I need new designs but once i have them how do i make them?
The answer can be solved by purchasing through one of you who is willing to sell different castables for a decent price.
However I will only need them once because i intend to use them and have my casting company make a vulcanized mold and have them shoot it with wax.
I read the articles and problems you have with the castables going through the oven and then shot. I will just use wax and be done with it.
It wouldn’t be feasible for me to purchase the machine because i can’t cast at home, nor do i want to invest into casting and i will never need enough to pay for the device. I have about $5k in all my jewelry supplies and am done buying more.
Would anyone be willing to make me castables to purchase?
Thank Clif

Hi Clif
I am printing Castable V2 resin pretty much all the time. One thing you can do is make a silicon rubber mould directly from the resin print. there are low temperature silicon rubbers which vulcanise between 70 and 80 degrees C which won’t distort fully cured castable resin.
I would be happy to print and make moulds for you if you are based in the UK.

hello.I use 0.01 ct round diamond(D=1mm) but gem cuts are closed. how can I correct my model? I don’t want drill a hole.
you can see gem loader in Matrix.
we choose 50 microns wide for holes.but they are closed

email me the 3dm file . perhaps we can modify it to have larger holes. I also use Matrix. so all should be fairy simple to adjust as long as you did not Boolean it

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Ok.I’ll wend it to you tomorrow.Thanks alot :wink:

in the tech specs of the form2 is written the axis resolution is at least 25micron. so why it can’t support 0.1 holes?!

some weaker & cheaper printer like B9 support smaller hole size than 0.1mm

Hello. I think the problem is the orientation of your model. Try tilting your model using more supports. From my little experience of 80 + prints on form 2 , printing flat to the base like it looks like on your picture, doesn’t give good results at all and even some times failures. Tilte the model is my first advice


we use support with 3dprinting of Matrix8. we don’t use preform for use supports.because it use extra resins. If I send you our models you will understand

Small items have a small footprint so have less of a base. Therefore may not have enough surface area to stick to the platform.
To overcome this make multiple copies and place them closer together so that the shared base is much larger.
Savings using fewer supports is negligible compared to failed prints.

Hi my email address is Well ello m8 to do business with someone from the UK is always a treat - I married a brit so I am dedicated.
Anyway I would be glad to pay the shipping and so the pound is a tad more than a US dollar, in the long run it can be profitable.
Is there a way that I can share some ideas and can you design them?
Problem is nice designs only come with faceted prong settings and I need prong settings for cabochons. I am a opal cutter, though I do all types of stones opals are my favorite.
I have mold material here that is silicon and cools at low degrees and also have the wax that allows for high detail and flexible.
Either you make the castings or the mold too we need to talk. Look forward to it too.
Thanks for replying back
Kind regards & Cheers

what would you charge for doing that? I am about to purchase some equipment to shoot my own castings and also equipment so I can do in place stones and then shoot. I need either the wax castings or molds. I need different designs are there any pictures you can send me?
Kind Regards & Cheers

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I have sent a mail with check it.

I desperately looking for a company that would be able to cast my 3D prints in Canada ( Calgary ideally) … Any suggestions?

Thank you!!