How to have larger objects print, pits in the bottom of the tank

I’ve been using the Form 1 for a couple of months now and at first it worked very well then the prints were finishing incomplete using grey resin.  Larger objects would print correctly for about the first two inches then fail even though the machine would go through the motions to the end.  Cured resin would not peel and in fact seemed to be bonded to the floor of the tank.  I replaced the tank and the first print failed and pitted the floor of the tank making that area unusable.  No more than half of the parts I tried since printed correctly and only if they were small.  I am now using white resin with no improvement.  It appears to me that the mast assembly is not rigid enough so the peel after approximately two inches is not crisp and predictable.  I am about to start with another new tank and see what happens.  I’ve cleaned out cured debris and gently scraped the bottom of the tank to remix the pigment.  The mirror is spotless and the machine goes through the motions with no extra noises and seems to work as it designed to.  Has anyone figured out how to make this machine print correctly most of the time?  The single part on supports is a good print.  Of the two parts on the build platform, the part on the left is good and the part on the right should have looked like the single part.  Pits are clearly visible in the bottom of the tank after one print attempt.

Open a ticket with support. They know what’s going on.

Great suggestion, Andrew. Opening a ticket with Formlabs support is the best way to troubleshoot, and I am working with Reed to resolve this issue!