How to export model list

How do I export the model list to excel or a text file?
I need to keep a track of files being printed since the project I am working has many similar file with front/rear LHS/RHS options.
It is critical to have this option so that I can keep track of parts and not miss them

ON a side note it takes me about 10 minutes to upload a file via usb. Is this normal?

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You need to log in to your web browser dashboard and when you click on prints tap you will see export button on upper right corner
ps. USB upload is much slower that network upload

I need a way to export the “Model List” names from each print

Uploading via WiFi takes a few hours because the printer is far from the design office.
Ethernet cable is not an option.
Surprised that the fuse1 does not have a USB port to upload via thumb drive. I need to take laptop every time I upload prints.

We are also facing the same problem/situation
It is nightmare to try to ,count ‘’ all parts by hand as in some print there are few hundred components
Have you found some workaround for this matter ?

Hi @Rimsa,

Aside from the Export Data feature that @jantarek mentioned, I don’t know of a way to specifically export the Model List from PreForm. I appreciate your feedback regarding this feature, and I see how this could be useful for files with a large number of parts.