Exporting list of models and scaling [Preform feature request]



I’d love for there to be a way to export a list of parts in a .form file with scaling and rotation factors used as well as the ml of resin used for the model and the supports. Would be really handy for billing and keeping track of what’s been printed and what hasn’t.


Thanks for the suggestion. What output format would be most useful? I could imagine a menu item to export to a file, or selecting a bunch of models, copying, and being able to paste into a spreadsheet…


that sounds perfect. I’d be happy with CSV, copy and paste would work just fine too.


I could imagine a button near the top of the model list view, that, when clicked (also invokable by menu), pops out the model list view into a window with a selectable/copyable table of order, filename, scale, r[x], r[y], r[z], model ml, support ml, support type, and so forth.