Download (back) models FROM Form2 TO PC computer?

Does anyone know if there’s a way to “retrieve back” the models uploaded to the Form2 unit? IE download them to a local computer FROM the Form2 printer?



That’s a great question! At this time there’s no way to pull models back off the Form 2 and to another nearby computer.

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Is there a way to attach a USB drive to copy files?

Do you mean plugging a USB drive into the printer itself? I don’t believe there’s any way to do that in order to extract files off a Form 2.

Just to be clear, your models never get sent to the printer. This means that there is no way to get them from the printer.

Wdy mean “they never get sent to the printer”? They’re “transferred from the computer to the internal printer’s memory”, aka “sent”, right?

What’s being sent to the printer is machine code which tells the different actuators (galvos, stepper motors,…) how to move. I think what @mgarrity is saying is that no STL or .form file is sent to the printer.

Getting the data back from the printer would not help you, as it would probably look just like G-code.

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That’s correct. There is a picture of the models that gets sent so that it can appear on the screen next to the job name. No geometry though.

Just as well I can imagine this being a security headache for those of us who would have another hole to patch in protecting IP. If it were implemented in some fashion please make it something that we can disable. :slight_smile: