Fuse1 & Fuse1+ display feature

I would like to be able to see the filenames of the item currently printing and how many of that item is in the build. Is that something that would be possible to have transfer over from Preform to the screen of the printer?

I don´t have my office close to the printers so if im unsure of how many items are actually in a particular build i would have to run over to the office and open up preform. If i could have it in the display that would be awesome. Would be a timesaver atleast for me. Especially when your printfarm is growing like ours is.

Right now i can only see the filename until the space runs out. If i could perhaps touch the image a filelist could be shown and if there is for example 2 different filenames it could say for example.

10010-99 (32 pcs in build)
13423-23 (45 pcs in build) etc etc.

The info is available in Preform so it should be fairly easy to have it transfer over with the job.

Might be a longshot but worth mentioning anyways.

Have a great summer, i won´t be perstering you for 4 weeks now. :slight_smile:

/Over and out.

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Hi @Andreasemilsson,

Thanks for the suggestion! I can definitely see how this would be a nice quality of life feature. I’ll pass your feedback along to the team for further review.

Hi @Andreasemilsson,

Just briefly following up on this. I should mention that by selecting the print job in the Queue page on the printer screen, you will see a list of models and the total number of models. Although it’s not grouped by model currently, this may at least be somewhat helpful in terms of what you are looking for.

Yeah but that does not give me all the info i would need. I see your point tho. Cheers.

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