How to access Form 2 cartridge sensor board

Every once in a while we get an issue with the cartridge disconnecting when the fill servo opens the valve. Makes for some very long prints. I’ve tried all the tricks I could find (paper edges behind the chip in cartridge, weighting the cartridge down, wedging the cartridge in place, etc). I tried cleaning it from above, but access is terrible being down so low in the cartridge bay.

I am thinking I need to open it up and get the board out and clean it. Looking at the assembly it does not look like it is as easy as pulling off the back panel (it should be!). Does anyone have or know where to find instructions to get access to the board that won’t hose the printer?

Hi @dseebauer we’re sorry to hear about your sensor issues. Thanks for sharing that with us.

If I understand correctly you’re having issues with your Level Sense board. We recommend to:

  1. Reinsert the resin tank that is experiencing issues.
  2. Insert several different resin tanks to determine if the problem is only linked to that single tank.
  3. Clean the LevelSense board using a paper towel dampened with IPA.
  4. If Resin Sensor errors still persist, reseat the LevelSense grounding screws. Reseating LevelSense How-To here

If this still isn’t working for you get in contact with our support team to help you out with your specific sensor issue.

Hi. Thanks for the response. It is not the Level Sense board. It is the sensor in the Cartridge bay down at the bottom that connects to the chip on the bottom of the Cartridge. It has two metal contacts that seems to get stuck to the board. Would that be called the Cartridge Presense Sensor? I cannot effectively clean it or even look at it since it is not accessible except from the top. The problem is intermittent and is worse with some cartridges and not at ll with others.

Hi @dseebauer got it, thanks for clarifying. What you need is this guide for Replacing the Cartridge Floor Assembly. This will help you open the printer to access your cartridge floor. Note that if needed, this is a replaceable part that you can purchase from our store: Form 2 Cartridge Floor Assembly with Drip Catcher. Hope this helps!

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