Sensing cartridge issue

probably I am missing something but: there is a way to avoid/jump the error message of missing cartridge?
Recentrly I am using a couple of quite empty black and grey cartridges on the Form2 (still have resin inside but not enough for a full tank refill). The level of resin in the tank is full and my prints are very small (need less material than the available one in the tank).
If I start prints a message appear and alert me that the cartrige have low level of resin. I let to continue the process and the machine proceed forward. Then, randomly, the process go in “pause” mode and alert me with the message that the “cartridge is missing”. I need to move up and down the cartridge and the Form2 recognize it again. After some time the same problem happen again and again and printer stop to print, waiting the replacement of the cartrige. I need again to remove and insert the same one in order to let the process to continue. There is enough resin to complete the project, but If I leave the printer alone I can’t manage the issue.

I know that in “open mode” I can print, but heating and wiping are disable: features that I like to have fully working.
There is a way, via software, to avvoid this “pause mode” if for some problems the cartrige isn’t recognized?

Should I check the sensor of the cartridge in the backside? Or this is the limit if I use quite empty cartridges? In this last option I can’t use correctly the whole amount of resin in the tank till is compelted exausted. Strange.

Thanks in advance for the kind replyes.

Formlabs has some things you can try to help this issue. Just start a support ticket and they’ll guide you.

When I have smaller prints and nearly empty cartridges I pour out of the cartridge and measure the material in the cartridge with a beaker. I’ve even added a bit from another near empty cartridge if needed (not recommended by Formlabs). I’ve added 50mL or so and that’s not all that risky for a single print.

If you let the printer pause when the cartridge runs out you can swap on the fly. This will likely make a small line on the part where it pauses but it’s easily sanded.

Hello and thanks for the kind reply. I will move to a support ticket.
Best regards,

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