How safe is the laser spot test?

The Form 1 laser is pretty powerful. I attempted the laser test though got a little dizzy looking at the laser from a distance. I also didn’t have the lid on as I watched a video tutorial. Though isb’t the lid a saftey measure? Does it prevent you taking a good photo? WHat are the reccomended glasses to wear for protection?

The laser should never be active without the cover on (Form 1+ safety guide). Bypassing the interlock sensors is very dangerous and not something we ever recommend. The laser is more than powerful enough to cause pretty severe damage to vision. Can you get in touch with support so we can help you correct whatever issue you’re having? The laser spot test isn’t something we use often anymore as a diagnostic tool.

Ok, will do. thanks Frew. Though does the laser test give you a basic indication if there are flares?

Ok so what I basically did was to position the camera on a tripod and manually focus on the test paper area and keeping the printer cover DOWN. As like Frew is saying it is pretty dangerous to attempt to take pictures with the printer cover open and magnet trick, not worth messing up your eyes! Even with the cover down I stand and look away from the laser and take the picture with a remote. With different modes on the camera you can get a really nice pic of the laser with the hood down.

I have put a separate thread here if anyone can help with my laser results: