Laser leakage

I just noticed the back of the Form1 appears to leak laser light through the back panel at certain angles, particularly at the top edge where the plastic meats the aluminum. It’s pretty bright to look at, so it seems to be a direct path. Is this normal and safe?

It’s very unlikely a direct shot, the laser is powerful enough to melt electrical tape and probably to catch paper on fire (at least where the paper is black.)  Even the scattered spot of such a laser is blindingly bright.

By direct path, I meant that it looked to be a straight path between viewer and where the laser is directed/scattered (i.e. the bottom of the resin tray). I agree that this probably doesn’t make sense to be called direct, but I was trying to differentiate between very diffuse light bouncing around the inside to make my case glow.

I just noticed the spec on the laser is 120 mW, so I’d have to agree it’s probably scattered for me to still see okay. Still, I’m a chemical engineer by trade, not a laser physicist. For scattered light from this level of power, is there a hazard, or should I feel free to stare at the glowing spot on the back of my Form1? Based on the specs, I’d guess this is a Class III or IV laser although the printer is supposed to be Class I if it contains all the scatter.

Hey Jin,

I just had this problem on my replacement printer.  I’d bring it up as a support ticket but I would check first to see if your cover is warped at the back where the light is showing though or if your hinge needs to be adjusted to drop the Orange Plexi over the entire base.


As Dylan said, if you message us at we can take a look and suggest a fix!