Will watching printing hurt eyes?

Consider form1 uses a cloass 1 laser, I don’t know how it means but due to the manual of Form1 it sys not to open the front and back panel, I think the laser may have potential danger to human eyes. But if I close my face to the case and watch the print closely, will that hurt the eyes too? I can’t wait to see my print coming up, it is exciting and I have done that for many time and last up to ten minutes each time, I just realized that may not be good, would that have any potential danger?

Hello lock,

Based on what the Formlabs guys have told us, there shouldn’t be any danger in watching the Form 1 print as long as the orange cover is down.  I believe they said that part of the reasoning behind the orange color is to protect the outside world from laser.  If you are concerned and want to be extra careful, check out the thread for recommended eye-wear for UV protection:


About half way down or so one of the Formlabs guys lists a few pairs of UV glasses you could use as extra protection.

I like to watch the printer work at times also.  It still amazes me what technology has brought us over the years.

Well, I think I have to get one UV glasses or at least watch it from distance, thank you for the answer,

The machine is entirely safe to watch, and the orange cover is designed to block the specific wavelengths of light which are used. The printer has been certified to comply with European Norm Standard EN 60825-1:2007, which means that we also comply with FDA Class 1 requirements. We use laser eyewear only in our shop, when we’re experimenting with the printer itself (or if you’re using a powerful laser pointer).