UV Laser Protective Glasses

Hello Can anyone recommend a really good pair of UV Light safety Glasses to wear when Fusing parts together with ‘Raw’ Formlabs materials and a Laser pen? I need to ‘weld’ parts together.
Help would be appreciated. All the best CHRIS

If you bought the laser from a legitimate supplier, it will meet the FDA requirements for energy level and you do not need safety glasses.

How many milliwatts is the laser?

@BenKrasnow made a nice video about UV absorption eyewear:

The last 4 minutes explain the optical density value, which is a rating used vor UV safety glasses.
I think for welding parts you can also use a UV led torch instead of an UV laser pen. For that the “5$ Amazon” UV safety glasses should be enough.
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These are the glasses I got. They’re OD6+ @ 190-532nm.

Good morning, I thank you for the replies, the Laser Pen I bought is a Laser 303 from China, wavelength 405mm Class III therefore I did not want to take any chances. I purchased some Welding glasses by Bolle Italy, Lens Polycarbonate, shade 5. From SafetyGoggles.co.uk. I have to say they are brilliant, comfortable over my normal day wear glasses.
I can see the detail I need to through them when welding, they have a quick neck strap as well to easily to keep handy. Thanks again All the best Chris

so why doesn’t formlabs - use the same green tank plastic on its printers rather than the orange if its soooo much better

Welding goggles are intended to block much higher levels of illumination than the FL printer generates. Also, light from welding is a broader spectrum than just 405nm.

I don’t know. My guess is that the orange material was used in the first formlabs products because it was available and already in use by the semiconductor industry. If you take a look at a semiconductor lab/cleanroom you can see alot of orange windows in the photoresist processing sections.
For the newer formlabs products i think orange is chosen over the dark green material because it looks better and it became part of the iconic formlabs product design.