UV Laser Protective Glasses


Hello Can anyone recommend a really good pair of UV Light safety Glasses to wear when Fusing parts together with ‘Raw’ Formlabs materials and a Laser pen? I need to ‘weld’ parts together.
Help would be appreciated. All the best CHRIS


If you bought the laser from a legitimate supplier, it will meet the FDA requirements for energy level and you do not need safety glasses.

How many milliwatts is the laser?


@BenKrasnow made a nice video about UV absorption eyewear:

The last 4 minutes explain the optical density value, which is a rating used vor UV safety glasses.
I think for welding parts you can also use a UV led torch instead of an UV laser pen. For that the “5$ Amazon” UV safety glasses should be enough.


These are the glasses I got. They’re OD6+ @ 190-532nm.


Good morning, I thank you for the replies, the Laser Pen I bought is a Laser 303 from China, wavelength 405mm Class III therefore I did not want to take any chances. I purchased some Welding glasses by Bolle Italy, Lens Polycarbonate, shade 5. From SafetyGoggles.co.uk. I have to say they are brilliant, comfortable over my normal day wear glasses.
I can see the detail I need to through them when welding, they have a quick neck strap as well to easily to keep handy. Thanks again All the best Chris