Uv eyewear protection

Hi all,

I’m working with a 405nm laser outside of the formlabs printer. And because of that I’d like to get some eyewear protection. I was wondering if any member here had bought proper eyewear protection for themselves and if so; where?

Most websites I find aren’t very specific on which wavelenghts the glasses project you from. Furthermore they are vague about protecting you from UV A/B/C. I’d like to be certain before I buy glasses that end up being useless.

Looking forward to your answers :slight_smile:

Search Amazon for
405nm glasses

Hi Alex,

Incidentally I just bought these recently: http://www.lasersafetyindustries.com/100_10_110_Laser_Safety_Glasses_p/100-10-110.htm

They’re rated OD6+ over 190-532nm and seem to work well. You can still see the spot of the laser (important so you can see where you’re working) and they let in enough visible light (50% VLT) that you don’t feel like you’re working in the dark. Fits comfortably over prescription glasses.

You may be able to find something cheaper - I was limited by vendors who could ship to Canada. But beware the REALLY cheap ones listed on eBay / Amazon. I’ve heard / read about knockoff uncertified lenses that don’t work as advertised, and you don’t want to take risks when it comes to your eyes.

Good luck!

Thanks @RocusHalbasch and @rkagerer. I’ll check both options!

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