UV machine 405 nm in Canada or Amazon?

Hey guys, I’m trying to find a UV machine of 405 nm on Amazon.ca and I just can’t find one. Can anyone suggest me something maybe?

Going off your other thread…

405 is technically recommended. I worried about this too at first. But since formlabs employees themselves use the 365 ones I figure we are OK. plus you can always buy 405 bulbs later and pop them in the same nail curing station.

Honestly you are overthinking a lot of this…just experiment and have fun! :slight_smile:

Haha it’s kinda reassuring to know I’m over thinking it :stuck_out_tongue:
So if I buy this one it should be ok as it is pretty much the one FL is using?

It’s the one I use, as well as many at FL and many in this forum. Must be a crazy exchange rate cuz on my Amazon link it is $18.99 USD

Ok I’ll buy it! Yeah it’s expensive but I think we are also paying more because of import taxes and custom fees :stuck_out_tongue:

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Would this work?


Looks like a winner to me.

I bought exactly that one a few days ago, although the tray is crappy, it works perfect.

So really the 405 nm are not important?..

Man, there is a war between people saying it’s absolutely necessary and the ones saying it’s not…

I think the general consensus is 405 is ideal, but not necessary. Simple as that.

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The wavelength sensitivity is a gaussian curve. If these photo initiators are designed to respond to 405nm best, it will work with 365nm as well, but most likely less efficient. Been using it a few days on durable, high temp and standard resin and they all respond great.

Alright bought it! Thanks everyone!