UV light box with Canadian shipping?

Currently I’m using a UV light box meant for gemmology work (I’m a gemmology student so it pulls double duty.) But as you can see, it uses 365nm instead of 405nm. I’ve been looking for one that uses 405nm UV, but have had zero luck, as everything I find doesn’t ship to Canada.

Will my current setup do? If not, does anyone know of a good UV box I can buy?

Here’s my current model: http://www.ebay.com/itm/300582216640

365nm should be fine(It probably emits a spectrum ranging to 405nm).

We’ve bought a cheap 40 USD UV sterilizer from aliexpress(they even sell some with a timer and heater!), wavelength is too low, but you can replace the bulb with something closer to 405nm.

Something like this:

Thanks you for the info. :slight_smile: I’ll keep this in mind in the future, as I think it would probably cure a lot faster with heat. Right now I try to let every piece cure about 24 hours.