How long will the resin sit on a shelf for, and still be usable?

I live in Australia, and was considering getting the couple of extra bottles of resin sent with my printer (since the shipping would be a very large chunk of the cost of buying resin) , using up all of the kickstarter discount codes for the first 3 months in one go

Before I can make a proper decision,

  • how long do the bottles of clear resin last: if I have them on a shelf for a year or 2 before they’re used up will they go off?  ( I work small. very small… with all the issues people are having with ‘small and clear’ looks like the form1 will not be as suitable for most of my work as the kickstarter campaign led me to believe. I expect I’ll use it all though, just not quickly :p)
    -are different types of resin coming out in the first few months, and if so, what types?  I don’t want to wind up in the situation of having used up all my discount codes on clear resin if something more useful is only a month or two away :smiley:

-roughly how much longer will I have the option of adding extra resin to my order, before it’s shipped?

Aside from the issues other people have had with the codes (someone said something about the discounts being manually refunded…?) I’m overall getting quite anxious… I understand busy, but I submitted this question to support almost a month ago and no reply,   I’d -really- like to know the answer in time to add the extra resin, if it will keep, to combine shipping. I thought maybe I’d get a reply here, and also that other people in a similar situation may want to know…

Thankyou very much for your time :slight_smile:

I happen to see this, I think it answers your first question…

Excellent! Thankyou :slight_smile: That was the bit giving me the most worry (I swear I looked on the forums before asking- I must have missed it -_- )