Idle Resin for 6-12 Months

I am considering purchase of a Form1

However, I will typ. design and create a few parts… print a lot… then it’s another 6-12 months before I move to a new design and start another print session.

What is the best way to mothball the resin in this scenario? ie…

  1. Empty tank into an opaque bottle and somehow clean the tank?

  2. Keep the resin in the tank, remove and store entire tank in an opaque tupperware container in the closet

  3. Buy an FDM machine

  4. Other…

I assume clear resin is the only choice to avoid an pigment settling during the idle period.



The resin has a shelf life of around a year in a sun proof closed container kept at room temperature…and several months if kept in the resin tray.

Probably the best course of action would be to pour then resin into a separate container and store the resin tray away from any UV sources as well. We have an article that details tank cleaning here:

This article is kind of broad, but the bottom line is that you should only use the included scraper to squeegee the excess resin out of the tank before storage.