Almost expired resin

Hi everyone,

My grey prints were failing while clear prints were perfect. The support told me that my grey resin is almost expired.
Clear works because it’s produced in september 2015

Then I checked the date of my orders and I noticed that I received with my last 2 material orders from Formlabs resin that is expiring in 4 months or so since I receive it…

For example, I ordered castable resin in the middle of January 2016 and it’s valid only until May 2016.
I would expect it to be valid for one year, not a little more than 4 months!!

I am really furious for this. I feel I put at least 300 euros in the garbage. Considering the problems I had with Form 1+ in the last months I would say I threw much more in the garbage.

I expected that when I buy a resin to be valid for a year not for 4 months.

Anyone else having this problem?

Hi There!

I just wanted to clarify on the shelf-life of our resins. We recently changed to a different LOT number system and the expiration date can no longer be determined simply by the number on the bottle. The best way to find out the date would be to provide the numbers to It is unlikely that Formlabs would send out new resin with only 4 months of shelf life left as these should not be available at our facility. If this is the case, the support team would be happy to help rectify the situation!



Hi Kara,

On my castable resin, ordered in January 2016, it’s written: Best if used before 05/16. Does’t look like a code.

While the numbers on the grey resin bottle were explained to me by Formlabs support (I have a ticket open) - produced in april 2015. And I ordered in November 2015.

I never searched the expiry date because I thought one year is one year since I buy it not since it was produced. :slight_smile:
These things shouldn’t happen.

Just wanted to know if I am the only one in this situation. Am I?

I am sorry to hear that your resin does expires so soon; this is certainly an unusual experience. Could you open a support ticket with our team here with your most recent order number for the resin and a brief explanation? They will help you get sorted out!

I have added the invoices and details in a ticket. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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