What's the oldest resin you've used?


I completed a print yesterday on my Form 2 using Tough V1 that had a mfg date of Oct 26, 2015. The print turned out great despite the resin being 2.5 years old. I suspect Formlabs is fairly conservative with their quoted resin shelf life (12-18 months). Has anyone else successfully printed with resin as old or older than this? I’m sure the practical shelf life varies between resins and storage conditions. I also have kept resin sitting in the tank for over a year with no noticeable adverse effects.


I just printed something recently using Clear v2 that had expired in Jan 2017, and it came out OK, except it’s not crystal clear anymore, it’s sort of yellowish amber. It’s still fully transparent, but it’s not colorless.


Currently using 14 month old clear and it looks and performs great! I’ve got some 14 month old grey as well that’s doing okay though it does seem to be getting foamy while printing. Some minor white streaks in the final print but I’m not sure if that’s due to age or not.