Form1+ resin to sell

Found two unused bottles of resin in the corner of office, Flexible(500ml) and Clear(1L).
Would like to sell them at US$180, shipping cost excluded.
Send from Taiwan, Fedex is faster, EMS should be cheaper.
Picture attached, please contact me if you want to purchase.

I would probably guess that resin expired long ago. I’m not sure how usable it would be now.


yeah, expired for years. but I am still using the castable resin purchased in same order.
Just don’t want to throw it away because i know many users are looking for the old resin.
If any one buy the resin and unable to get a good print, i can do refund.

I can tell you I was able to use clear for about 18 months past the expiration, and by then it was pretty yellowish, after that it just wouldn’t cure properly, so I threw it away.

This reminds me, I also have a bottle of flexible that is about 3 years old which I need to dump.

Well, in that case, I’ll just throw them away, too bad. Thanks.

WHat do you want for the Clear?