How long should a firmware update take?

I have a printer form 1+ 3D printer, I have updated firmware in Form 1+ printer from the website link but there will be displaying like “Please Do Not Disconnect Printer - Firmware update in process.” but after 2 to 3 hrs still its displaying like this, i am getting tensed and what should I do now…?? How long should a firmware update take?
Could you please help me out
Thank you

You have no other choice but to power cycle the printer. I think I may have had a similar issue and power cycling recovered with the updated FW in place. Can’t promise that’ll happen with yours, but the additional risk in a power cycle is zero since you can’t use the printer in its current state anyway…

This is odd. I have heard this Firmware update takes hours. Though I go to Printers>update firmware and get a blue uploading bar below saying do not disconnect printer. once the blue bar finishes thats it, though no confirmation message or anything. This took about 5 seconds for the blue bar to finish. Does this sound correct? Or is there something I am missing?

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