How long does it take

Hi, I just wanted to know how long does it takes for the delivery in Switzerland ?

Thank you for your quick answer.

Have a good day.

I’m not sure if there still is some kind of backlog.
The delivery alone took about 1 Week

Und wänn zerscht mal eine wotsch aaluege: Bei eus a de Uni ZH (Irchel Campus) staht eine (ok, mindestens 2, aber eine woni zuegriff druf han)

Depends on what you’ve ordered. I live in The Netherlands and my printer shipped within 3 weeks from the UK. Resins and trays will normally be delivered in under a week. Part of it is because Formlabs seem to manually check if payments have come through, which sometimes takes up to 2 days…

I wouldn’t think that there’d be any difference between delivery times to Switserland or any other european country.

Well I already have a form1+ but thank you Marco Tedaldi. (And I am from the french part of switzerland near Lausanne :p).

And ok for Resin and Resin tank it takes 1 week. Fine.

Thanks you for your answers.

Have a good day.

Haha, well that backfired a little :smile:
It’s seems to be some sort of dialect. Hardly any german words it seems :stuck_out_tongue:

But good that your questions has been answered to your satisfaction.

Yes Alex. It’s a bit awkward. :slight_smile: I could have guessed from the Name of Yann that he’s from the french part of switzerland.

The Language I used is swiss german (it’s “sorf of” german, many words are just slightly different, grammar is way off as well and has a lot of similarities to dutch :slight_smile: )

Good to know about the shorter delivery times for resins and small stuff. I’m always on edge because when I will have to order new resins (won’t let them get old unused but also do not want to run out) and since here at the institute people are just realizing that we have that printer and what cool stuff can be done with it…

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