How level does the printer need to be?

I thought my desk was level but it’s got a bit of an angle to it. I first noticed this as the resin level was becoming low and one corner of the basin became dry before the others.

I pulled out my bubble level and found the bubble slightly outside center. I’ve since shimmed my printer to level with a magazine.

Do the optics of the Form1 require the surface it’s sitting on be completely level? How susceptible is the printer to slight tilt?

The  optics in the printer itself don’t need to be particularly level, but you do want an even layer of resin beneath the build platform.

If the printer is tilted too much, resin won’t be evenly distributed under the build platform, resulting in a “dry” corner, even when there is resin still in the tank. We generally shim our printers roughly level, but you don’t have to be super-exact about it.


That makes sense. Thanks for the fast response!

Suggest adding adjustable feet for the next design along with a built in bubble level.

Kevin, 2 bubble levels (1 for y axis, other for x axis) or be able to rotate the one bubble level 90 degrees?

Single bubble measure can cover both axis.–UlbgCFUVyQgodEDsARw

I think adding adjustable feet would get into the “calibration” territory and make use of the printer less accessible than it is right now. Seeing as how anything other than a steep angle of a surface is not recommended, I’m not sure it’s necessary…

The resin is very viscous and takes a while to find level once poured in to the tank. I took a new tank and put it on the printer and filled it to the fill line with water instead of resin. I leveled the printer left/right so the water line was parallel to the tank’s fill line. Then I sighted along the left and right edge and leveled the front/back so the water line was parallel to the top edge of the tank. Then, I carefully removed the tank and dumped the water blew it out with some compressed air, and let the tank air dry before using. I shimmed the feet with some playing cards until I achieved level, then I pulled each shim out, cut the cards down to a more unobtrusive size, glued the cut pieces together with some thin CA glue, and stuck 'em back under the feet. Viola!

I was thinking of using a bubble level on the top, but didn’t trust the plastic there, since it’s thermoformed, it might not be all that “true”. Though I suppose I could have put the bubble in an empty tank and not bothered with water…

I often get the “out of level” warning. The idea that the resin needs to be warmed up to self level seems probable. I haven’t contacted support about this small annoying issue yet. For the most part the printer is consistently printing useable parts.

Note that this thread is for the Form1. The Form2 has a built in accelerometer for measuring the printer tilt, and making sure that you’re printing within safe bounds.