Desk wobble - Will that unlevel the printer

Hey all,

I’m setting up my printer to sit at the left of my standing desk. I have just got it level. However, I notice that the errant bump or jostle of my relatively stable desk causes the leveler diagnostic to balk and say the printer is temporarily not level.

Am I risking failed/lesser prints by having the printer on my desk, while I work?


Unless the level of resin in the tank is down to the last few drops, being not quite level shouldn’t make much of a difference. It will have no effect on the print. The risk would be to the Form2 wiper sloshing resin out. But unless you’re off by more than a few degrees, at least after observing my Form2 it doesn’t look like there’d be much risk of resin being sloshed out.

But if the printer isn’t level, it’s going to bitch at you to level it with every print you start. So you might want to consider a more stable worksurface anyway…

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