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How important is cure temperature?

I recently purchased the photocentric cure L2 to cure my prints because formlabs does not have a cure option for the form 3L. For a cure machine that cost 5K I would have thought that it could heat up to the recommended cure settings for some resins, but unfortunately it can only heat to 65 degrees Celsius. Some resins appear to need 80 degrees Celsius. How important is it for the cure temperature to be 80 deg?

Yesterday I have received this big unit for curing:

Phrozen Cure Mega | Curing Lamp for Resin 3D Printing – Phrozen Technology (
Next month, I will receive the Mega 8K too…

I would like to install something to add heating in this curing chamber. I don’t know what for now.
I would also like to hear a reply to your question. Because I will use it beside my Form 3L.

An Introduction to Post-Curing SLA 3D Prints (