Building a curebox for Form3L

Hi everyone, I’m looking forward to receiving my Form3L and I have been thinking about making my own Curebox for the larger prints. Basically what I’m wondering is how many watts I need per cubic cm to have it closely replicate the FormCure so I can use approx. the same time and temperature settings recommended. If I did my math correctly it looks like the Formcure puts out approx. .010 watts per cubic cm (3,679 cubic cm). In order to mimic that for a 3L print ( 20,100 cubic cm) I think 240 watts total would come out to 0.012 watts per cubic cm. Has anyone done anything like this or have suggestions? Thanks!

FormLabs published this whitepaper a while ago that discusses various aspects of curing. I definitely recommend reading it if you’re going to build your own cure box. According to that whitepaper, heat plays a role in curing prints to optimum strength for many resins.

Try to go to eBay to buy a used UV box for the 3Dsystems SLA machines. A lot of people selling it really cheap. I got one for $250 and it works really well.