How do you run a laser spot test?

I’ve been reading through threads related to laser spot issues.

There’s lot of talk about how to photograph laser spot tests, but I haven’t seen the procedure for doing the test. Can someone fill me in? If it matters I’m running a Windows 7 Pro.

I’ve had good luck up until a few days ago.
Prints have started showing rougher surfaces out of the printer, then flaking, then more failure/partial prints.

Looks like classic signs of a degrading laser from what I’ve read.


Hi @David_Oliver, this is how I run mine

@David_Oliver — the laser spot test is certainly something to look at, but what you describe could be the result of a number of factors.

I would also make sure to contact our support team, who can help guide you through the troubleshooting process. They’ll certainly want you to check your mirrors and clean it. It’s surprising what a huge difference that can make. Your tank may also need replacing.

At any rate, do reach out to our support team, regardless!

Thanks Sam & Steve,

The issue with my printer was dust on the galvo mirrors.
Support sent me some instructions for cleaning them and it made a huge difference.

I’d recommend cleaning the mirrors any time you start to see print quality dropping off.

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