Laser Life Monitor

I’ve had two instances now on both of my printers where I start failing prints, start troubleshooting and submit a support ticket, and hear through the techs that they are checking my laser output. In both cases they came back with, oh ya, your output looks like its dropped or your galvos must be dirty. It would really be nice to either be able to see that data, have a health monitor bar, or have some trouble codes triggered early on in the power drop noting to check for contamination or low power output. I have put in a preventative maintenance schedule to check for this now, but being its a pretty common thing for the techs to check, why not give that information to the customers?

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I’ve had the same problem. I’m on my third printer. The customer service is good at replacing it. It would be nice to monitor the laser output. I believe on the Form 3 it will indicate that the mirror has contamination on it, I hope its also for the galvo mirrors. It’s good to know someone else had this problem