Hot Tip for you

I get a little (grrr) grumpy when a beautiful printed part is in my hands only to have a big chunk torn out from it because of stubborn support tabs. As gentle as I try, it’s still a matter of either can’t getting deep inside the forest, or the piece of my part is too small and succumbs to the tabs power.

I found on a web site whose name rhymes with Cramazon a “hot knife”. My printing days are so much happier now that I can very easily use the hot knife to ‘melt’ the tab from the part. I have used it now for over six prints ranging from simple to very complex (lots of supports) and can with all confidence recommend my discovery.

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How does this work? I thought the resin doesn’t melt.

I tried doing a hole with my soldering iron in the past (on clear resin) and it crystallizes but didn’t melt.

Could you post a video?



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