Quick support removal

Support removal is slow and tenuous work. It take too long using a cutter. I looked around for an answer to my problem. I saw some website about hot knife.
I found this at an online shop and bought it.
Multi tool 230 V 30 W TOOLCRAFT MD-30WBPP (Wood burning pen set) Euro 17,99

Using the knife, i now cut the support off quickly. I think this is fastest cheapest way.

I also discover something on the web. I think this will be the best option. But i am unable to find equivalent in my country.
Honda Japan USW-334 Ultrasonic Cutter Pro Hobby Tool cutting resin film

May I know anyone here, have tried using ultrasonic cutter to remove supports of resin print. I saw the performance of the cutter on youtube, i think it will remove the support very quickly and efficiently.

Before i buy the ultrasonic cutter, i will use the wood burning pen set and smell burned resin, anyone knows if burned resin is healthy?

It is not healthy at all. We have a laser engraver here. I used it a couple of times on printed pieces and then had the same concern. A FL tech support rep strongly advised we not use the laser engraver on printed items…and if we had to we should be using respirators or other safety equipment so not to breath in the fumes.

As for my tools, I have only used the traditional cutting tools. I’d be interested if anyone has experience using an ultrasonic cutter.

Would be very interested as well if it works.

For easy support removal, I usually soak the parts in hot water directly after printing. This makes the supports soft and very easy to remove.

Did they explain what is in the fumes when laser engraving the material? Isn’t it similar to acrylic/PMMA?

Honestly I do not remember details, I just remember it was strongly advised against. I also remember seeing a thread or two on the forums about this. As far as what chemical(s) are in it and how toxic it is, idk?

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Actually not too much fume, only the parts where, there are massive amount of supports, and when it is hard to cut into, it produce a little fume. For most supports, it just cut through without fume.
Of course, i think ultrasonic will be perfect, but only available in Japan at 110v, i have to get transformer, and i get 21% taxes when ship to EU. I have to wait for 5 weeks? Too much hassle. I might not buy it for now.

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Hot water directly after printing? May i know before or after you soak in alcohol? you mention the hot water make it soft and easy to remove, do you remove it using hand or cut it? Has anyone made a video about this hot water treatment? I just follow Formlabs instruction from their website.

Support removal is supposed to be slow and tedious work. If you wanted easy, you would have a Stratasys or Objet with dissolvable supports. Pull part from printer and dump in warm bath doesn’t get much easier. But there is a HUGE price tag associated.

I would not use heat. Heat is for softening rafts in Tough V3 to remove the raft from the build platform and post curing. The green parts should have enough bend in the supports so you can snip and bend where necessary. I have sawn off rafts in the past and worked my way around the part. Care and patients are the best method for removing supports regardless of how many supports and models there are to clean. If you are making that many iterations of the same model, why not make a mold and cast them? Take the time to clean up the one or two masters. Your efforts would be rewarded with the casting of them afterwards.

Dissolvable supports have their own drawbacks. We own a polyjet printer as well and it’s not as easy as just putting in a bath with water and done. Still takes a lot of time and heat.

The formlabs material softens when you place it in a hot bath of water. I find it easier to remove supports with much less damage or pit holes as the material is much more forgiving.

Just a note, heat will warp prints, pretty easily

Yep, so it can help you as well when they get warped during curing.
Still, formlabs is recommending curing at 60C so hot water shouldn’t be a problem.

Everyone has to find their own ways, this is how it works for me. :slight_smile:

O que não entende e porque os suporte tem que ter um diâmetro 1mm isso dificulta a remoção minhas uso impressão da F2 para joias e esses suporte são muito ruim para tirar. O diâmetro do suporte para joias deveria ser 0.35mm e terminado com 0.30mm pra facilitar a remoção, já use suporte com essa medida e não funciona na F2.

Remove support immediately after printing. It is sticky, have to wear glove. The support are soft at this time. easy to remove. So, stop using hot knife and did not buy ultrasonic knife(not available here). The best way is the cheapest way.