Quick release tabs on tiny prints?

I got my printer in last week and am very happy with it generally, tough I clearly still have a lot to learn. Anyhow, I do a lot of printing for miniature building and while larger object or objects grouped on a sprue are no problem I sometimes want to do a quick print to check if something actually works out. On tiny single piece prints preform does not generate quick release tabs and getting the support base from the platform is a big pain to the point I’m afraid I am damaging my build platform. Is there any way to get a tab on there manually?

It is actually pretty hard to damage the build platform to the point of needing to replace it unless you produce deep gouges into the platform it should work pretty good for you. In times of small parts that do not have the quick tabs I would recommend a razor blade scraper (usually for paint scraping) just watch your hands but the part should come off nicely. I have attached some pics of my build platform which I have only replaced once because the first one was not attaching to the printer correctly and the razor blade holder that I use to removed the parts.

Thanks for the suggestion and picture. I actually printed a whole load of unsupported small flat tokens and removed them with a type 21 scalpel. (big flat) Turned out very nicely!

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