Hitch in movement of resin tank

Hello All,

Printing at 100 microns, halfway through the print a hitch developed in the movement of the resin tank. Between each cycle, the tank would jerk violently 2 or 3 times before continuing. The resin tank and the mixer arm were both firmly and correctly attached. The pring continued, but the final product was slightly distorted, not as tall as it should be. Any hints on what the problem might be and how to resolve it? Thanks!!

I’m curious about this too. We had a customer call in today saying that this same thing happened to them, which ended in a failed print. He then restarted the job. The sound and violent jerk went away, but prints all failed from that point on.

Any suggestions on a the fix for this anyone?

It turned out that for me, the print was too large and due to the larger surface area and weight, the printer was having a hard time separating the print from the resin tank between each cycle which was causing the jerking movement. Dividing the print into smaller sections seemed to work for me!

It might be worth your while checking the locating lugs on the underside of the tank. Sometimes these can break and allow the tank to lift in one (or more) corner(s) making a bit of a noise during separation.

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