High Temperature resin damaging printer casing

A failed print using High Temperature resulted in the wiper catching and flicking resin out of the tray on every wipe.
The printer emptied the cartridge into the tray and emptied the tray into the print enclosure.

When wiping the resin off the top of the spill area the tissue came off black. This indicates the High Temperature resin is damaging the printer.

Formlabs is not responding to my support ticket fast enough and I am worried the printers internals will be damaged.

Calls to the sales team yielded no results :frowning:

With few exceptions the sales team is not the same as the customer service team.

If you have not already, drop everything and Open a Support Ticket.

Our support team aims to answer tickets within 24 hours so let me know if you don’t hear from someone shortly and I’ll reach out so we can get this handled. Our biggest concern will be resin overflowing the tray carrier and getting inside the printer. Your best off unplugging the machine for now and our support team will guide you through troubleshooting and next steps.

I have been in contact with the support team, the printer seems to be running okay now.

The high temp resin seems to be quite harsh on the plastics however, it has absorbed into the drip guard with the gutters and the acrylic lid.
Additionally there may be a significant quantity of resin underneath the mirror.

No idea how to clean that out without taking the base off and unplugging all the electronics…

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