Here comes Canada

This afternoon I received a Formlabs Shipping Update email. I decide to share this as I thought it might be helpful for others waiting for news about their own printers.

My story is that I got in on the tail end of the Kickstarter campaign for the Functional Form package in late October of 2012. March was the suggested shipping date but in my mind I rolled that out to the end of summer - maybe fall and now it looks like that may be the case.

Here’s the email…

We’re writing to let you know that we’ve begun to fulfill our Canadian Functional Form orders and that we’re expecting to be sending out your shipment in the next several weeks.

International shipping – even to our nearest neighbor – has been more of a challenge than we anticipated, and we’re doing our best to ship your order in as timely a manner as possible. We know how frustrating it is to be behind domestic shipments, and we’re doing our best to make it up to you.

  1. If your shipping address has changed, please let us know at immediately and we’ll make the appropriate adjustments.

  2. We’ll be using a freight forwarder, and as some of our first international customers, we’d appreciate you letting us know how it goes (again, at

If you haven’t already, to prepare for you Form 1’s arrival you should head over to our support site and our community forums to begin learning more about the Form 1 and to meet other Form 1 owners.

– The Form Team

I think this may be the first email I’ve received that was actually related to my order. While not the most encouraging, it was good to know my order had not fallen through the cracks and would arrive eventually.

I’ll post some more info when I get some more info.


Good to hear that they are reaching out.  I suggested they do so last week after “Keeping Form” units started shipping, and we Canadians in “Functional Form” still had not been serviced. I’m expecting to get my unit today, it has been in transit over the weekend, and “hopefully” will arrive today. [The unit cleared Customs yesterday evening] I am aware of one other Canadian unit in transit, so they are indeed shipping! [There’s been more discussion on this in the “How many have shipped” thread]

I had backed on September last year and I will get my 1st Resin tomorrow!!! I will post my tragic story later.


Is there anyone in Canada that actually has the Form 1 on hand?

In Vancouver BC area in particular…

I have had mine since early in Aug. But sorry, I’m in Toronto not Vancouver.

I received mine in Montreal yesterday. Just got my first prints out – looking nice so far

Uncanny timing. I just finished unpacking my printer 5 minutes ago and sat down to check my email when I saw there was an update to the post I had created. The printer left was shipped out last Friday and arrived today. Half the shipping time was 3 days in customs. All 3 boxes came together. Now I’m gonna go print something.

Thank you guys for quick replies, it is encouraging to learn that Form 1 eventually hit Canadian soil.

We have not placed an order for it yet, as my boss really wants to see a sample of what this machine can do before purchasing any and I believe at some point he is right. We do have our sample parts printed on Stratasys Mojo and I must admit I’m not very impressed with the outcome.

Here’s my question: Can anyone print a sample for us?

We’ll pay for everything - time, material, shipping, etc. You know that Formlab unlike bigger companies don’t print samples. I’ve already emailed my request to someone called Dylan who’s offering this service on this forum but there’s no answer so far.

It would be nice if there’s someone in Vancouver area so we can meet in person to have a brief chat, pay cash for sample and maybe have a quick look at Form 1 at work.

Otherwise, we’d offer a cheque, credit card, COD, whatever your preference is.

Here’s our company website (in case anyone wants to have an idea of what we do):

Thanks for your support

Try Brent from the thread below, he appears to e in Vancouver

Barring that, I can print a sample for you if you like.

Thanks Mark, I’ve added my question to Brent’s topic, waiting for response

Thank you for your offer, I’ve attached my files here, there’s pdf showing the assembled part and zip that contains a total of 13 stl files required for the assembly. I hope this can be printed in one run as parts are fairly small. I don’t want you to clean it or remove supports, as the idea is to also get a feel of what needs to be done after printer finishes its job. Let me know if you could print this, the cost and how you’d like to proceed.

If you say it’s too many files, then I’d ask just for the ‘master-clip’ part and a couple of wheels.