Shipping date theory

Who is waiting on form printer?. Everyone. Who recieved already a printer. I would say noone. It is sad truth. I am observing nickname activity on all blogs, forums, and this technical support blog. Do you guys pointed that many of articles is written by same people? I would name them as formlabs workers or friends. Probably noone recieved printer from regular people. My theory is that they feed us with infos, sample prints problems, etg, but they are all testers. Reason is probably PATENT PROBLEM with 3D systems. I guess untill it is solved noone can see printers. Probably formlabs can have most od them ready for shipping. Once they have legal permission from 3D Systems, they will start sending them. Have you seen such printer on eBay? . NO. Which is strange. Have you seen any youtube videos from happy users. NO. Which is strange. Have you seen any more printed items? NO. Which is strange. If i where a happy user of formlabs i would print 100 itmes already. Also I am really curious who will reply on this post. I know :slight_smile: testers.

This is absurdly hilarious and incorrect in every way. Do some reading on kickstarter or on the very site you’ve just posted on. Maybe check ebay to see if there has been a printer up for sale, because there was one already sadly enough. Enjoy your theory if it makes you feel better.

Here is some extremely light reading for you:

Good day Pawel,

there is some (twisted) truth in your post, some peoples were early testers close to Formlabs but I can assure you a lot of the posters like me have no other connection with Formlab than the Kickstarter pledge. I was lucky enough to be in the first 25 delivery group and that’s why I have a printer already.

But I have to say I consider myself like a early tester, last night after the 0.8.1 release I finally tried to print the gyroid ( full size. And this morning I got a big mess of broken/not printed supports… Result I spent 30min to remove the cured pieces from the vat (it’s a pain to catch small disks 1.5mm diameter in the thick resin) , and there are still more to remove…

So yes the form1 is still a work in process, it’s getting better as the new soft are released and you should be pleased that you will get a much refined soft/experience and good advices on this forum when you actually get the printer. It will also save you some resin…


I have to agree with Pawel, I have not received my printer, only updates to the software.

Ugh, I wish I could downvote inane posts like this.

I am not a Formlabs employee and I received my printer two weeks ago. I’m one of the first 25 initial formation backers, but since then some of the special performance backers have also begun to receive their machines. Since you seem to think that the sample prints shown around these forums are made by Formlabs employees, it would be pretty difficult for me to convince you otherwise. But they can’t all be a part of some crazy conspiracy.  :)

Everyone who backed to receive a printer is understandably eager to get theirs delivered. Some may even have business plans centered around it. I say take it easy, let Formlabs do their thing, and don’t post unfounded rumor/speculation on here or the Kickstarter comments.

People hating for hating sake. Pawel please keep your silly speculations on the comments section of the Kickstarter where everyone seems to find something to hate on.

These forums have been a pleasure to visit on a daily basis. A place where everyone is constructive and helpful. I would like to see it stay that way and I hope whoever moderates these forums would help.

Ive had my Form1 for a week now and im not part of any testers group or employed by Formlabs.

Just chiming in that I, too, had received my printer almost 2 weeks ago. I didn’t get the resin till last week, so I’ve only recently started printing. Some received their printers early, though Formlabs have said that these people were strategically selected for testing purposes (“Beta shipments,” check Update #29 on the Kickstarter updates page, or “The First Form Spaces” post on their blog). Some of those who got theirs early have been posting on these forums, and other users who got their shipments have also been updating slowly.

Having been using mine for about a week now, I can say that the process is not a drag-and-drop operation, and takes some getting used to. This could be partly why you haven’t seen too many updates, videos, or photos from users yet… they’re still learning. I myself have a small pile of failures that I’ll post about soon, and I have yet to produce a “perfect” print after about 4 or 5 days of printing almost daily.

Sit tight, no doubt this forum and the internet will start getting flooded with some great Form 1-related stuff. :wink:

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– Sam