Help for test print fail

Post the test print here, I am wondering how to solve this problem.

It’s not a FDM printer. Do not print parts flat on the build plate. Let Preform orient the part and add supports and print the objects the way the printer chooses, not the way you choose. Once you’ve gotten some experience with the printer you can strike off on your own.

Printing directly on the build plate is pretty much guaranteed to produce unsatisfactory results unless you know exactly what you’re doing…

I think you have to clean the mirrors. Open ticket on support. They will help you.

Thanks for replying over the long weekend.
Cleaned mirror, another test print with support failed, see photo

I printed again with the supports after cleaned mirror , the same result

Did you buy a new machine or used one?

Looks like the mirror facing the laser needs cleaning.

It does look like dirty optics to me. But there are multiple mirrors inside the printer. Taking the printer apart and cleaning the mirrors is a fairly involved process and one I think you’d be hard pressed to execute correctly without instructions from Formlabs on how to do it. Then, the mirrors are “primary” mirrors. They’re not like the ones in your bathroom, with the silvered reflective side on the back of the glass. The mirrors in the Form printers are coated with the reflective surface on the front side so the beam doesn’t have to pass through and be refracted/scattered by the glass in order to be reflected. These mirror surfaces are very delicate and require a very specific cleaning process using very specific materials. Hitting them with something like Windex and a paper towel will ruin them. Instantly.

Actually I cleaned “Optical Window” both sides at first time, not mirrors
This time I cleaned “Main Mirror” and 2 Galvo Mirrors. It works, I will say 90%.
Randy_Cohan was right about it.! Thank you.Test%20Print%20after%20clean%20Main%20Mirror%20%26%20Galvo%20Mirrors%20%20|690x268

It is an optics test it has to be printed without supports.