Have you seen this new type of Form Tank box? Seems weird

Just received a new Form 3 Tank v2.1 and this time it came in a new cardboard box…what’s more, this cardboard box completely replaces the plastic container that used hold the resin tank while in storage.

While I like how the tank sits in the box and the mixer is nicely placed in a dedicated slot this box is bigger/bulkier, doesn’t feel clean since its got packaging tape and whatnot stuck on the outsides since it served as both the shipping box and the storage container at the same time, and now it opens like a hinge rather than a Tupperware, so I always have to pull it out of the drawer to swap resins.

Anyone else received this and any thoughts? I’m all for change and improvements (e.g. I love the new inside layout), but not really caring for the cardboard box.

I can only celebrate this from an environmental point of view.
The tank is an item that expires and it was bad you had no use of a plastic container in perfect shape after you disposed of it.

You do need something better to store a full tank but they could sell it as a separate item


That’s a good point, I didn’t think of it from an environmental perspective, assuming it’s getting recycled properly.

yea they changed the resin boxes as well.

From the environment perspective is great, from the usability, it is not. Have the option to buy or not the box should be much better. If you have old boxes, then great. But if not, new ones take more space than old ones.
At least some notification could be nicer than finding the new packaging and realizing that luckily you have not thrown away some of the old boxes

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That’s a fair consideration. If the cardboard is recycled properly, it could be a positive move from an environmental standpoint. Hopefully, Formlabs is also considering this aspect in their packaging choices.

I think it would be easy enough to sell the tanks either with or without the plastic container. They could charge 15 extra dollars per tank if it gets shipped in the plastic container.

Overall i DO applaud the move but agree about the useability of the cardboard boxes. I rarely threw away those containers as they are useful for parts storage…also great for storing sand paper :wink:

I also think they should have gone with plastic bag refills with a screw cap mouth to interface with resin cartridges you already own.

When all is said and done, I am not sure how many resources are really saved with the 5 liter system when you consider all the ancillary equipment you need to use it. I think it will take quite some heavy usage before you start saving any raw materials.

For now I am making sure to NOT throw away the tank container i DO have.

Considering that there’s no apparent plan to refurbish the tanks (should be more than plausible) neither the resin bottles (other than the pump). It is an environmentally dubious movement.
Charging for the old box could be un unsurprising movement, albeit a shitty one (consumables are extremely pricy with formlabs.
(Don’t get me wrong, all movement towards less waste is great and necessary)

is the price going to lower too?
If not, then the change is not for us or for the environment… it’s for profit only.

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You make it sound like profit is a bad thing. Companies, especially start-ups, need to make profits to stay in business. They are already selling the printers at/or below cost…have to make money somewhere to keep the lights on and their employees paid…and let’s not forget how hideously expensive R&D is!

It is not like any of us are forced to buy this printer and its ecosystem. They are also not hiding the costs of any of the consumables in a bait and switch move.

At most they are saving is around 5 bucks(This is assuming that they are getting those parts made in China). They have not raised their prices to adjust for inflation in the 5 years I have been using their system. If they had adjusted the price for just the tanks to cover inflation, the price should have been 173 dollars. So those 5 dollars won’t even cover that.

So, just be thankful that all you are inconvenienced by is the cardboard box, and not a price hike. There is also a simple solution… save the old plastic containers from your current tanks and throw away your old/damaged resin tanks in the new cardboard ones…,…problem solved!

Other 3d printer companies have lower hardware prices and much lower resin prices. How do they stay in business?
And there isn’t an option to just buy 1L of resin to refill the cardridges (if someone claims that resin is expensive due to that)

I’m happy with the end result of the whole ecosystem (compared to other solutions) but for a hobbist it’s getting easily out of budget.