Half of printer not printing

I am able to print on one side of my printer but it seems as though it doesn’t stick on the other half, I’ve tested both negative and positive z axis changes but it doesn’t seem to change the problem. I’ve changed build platforms, tanks, but it seems it’s still the same issue. This issue seems to be just the initial adherence to the build platform.

How much Z axis offset have you tried ? Negative offset is the way to go to get the platform closer to the tank, and several tenths of mm may be necessary.

If that doesn’t help, and given that you have already tried switching BPs and tanks, there may be a slight contamination on the optical path of the laser. Id check the optical window and main mirror for contamination.

I’ve tried about up to -.20 but it still seems to not quite stick on correctly while half the other side will stick on at 0, it’s rather strange as there is no distortion or loss of detail on the other side it’s just the initial layer that doesn’t quite stick on properly. I’ll try for a higher offset to see if that may work.

Update: Fixed it, had to readjust my tray holder.

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