Partial sticked on build platform

Sundelly I am having some problems with 3d models that are not stick 100% at the build platform surface! The first time it happened was weird because only 2 out of 10 itens happened not to stick 100%…and the provlem is that it causes dimensional problems! Then i tried with supports with a large base with no success! I’ve tried z-tunning, and did not work either! Now i uve just cleaned the acrilic of the tank! And its printing… don’t know the result yet! Anyone have passed trough this problem or something a like?

How much have you tried to push the offset ? If you are printing with the raft and supports you can push the offset pretty far without causing issues with the print’s dimensions.

Oh! It happens to me every now and then as well! I was just happy it didn’t pancaked in my resin tank. Yes, will be great if anyone has a solution to that.

I´ve tryed util -.030mm on Z axis. No success either!! :confused:

How are you cleaning the platform?