Print doesn't stick to build platform

Hello, I’ve used almost 1 lit of grey resin and produce about 32 prints , and there are few failure, some are lost details, some didn’t stick to build platform.
I usually print at 0.05mm, and the prints usually are solid. Today I have 3 fail prints and it keeps continue to fail when I retry to print.
I’ve clarify the resin with some filters, and clean the tank too (with water only) . This is my resin tank photo from dashboard, do I need to replace it with the new tank?

This has been discussed a hundred times or better. Clean your platform with IPA then scrub with stainless steel brush in 1 direction, then clean again. Always solves it.

I’ve tried that and doesn’t work. sorry

I am printing dental models of teeth.Basically the same thing over and over. I print all my models flat on the build platform with no supports. I have had two models fall off of the platform during printing. Big mess. Both times the 1st layer was not a complete layer on the platform, even though it appeared to be flat on the platform. Since then I have adjusted my software technique and I hit the page up button in Preform to make sure the 1st layer is complete. I have printed tons of models since the last failure and my build platform is pretty scratched up so that may be helping. But, I really think making sure the 1st layer is complete was the key. Now, if I could get the cartridge error fixed so my prints dont stop in the middle I would be golden!!

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when you say stainless steel brush to mean something small or like a bbq type brush? would sand paper work? if so what grit?

Yes BBQ brush, stainless

I use 180 grit sandpaper, to great effect.

About a minutes worth, wet sand using alcohol, in all directions; circular and back and forth. Then clean with fresh alcohol.