Grounding Issue with Form 1+

I just received my form 1+. This thing amazing. I’ve got a couple of prints in already but anyhow I’m getting a weird touch feel when I’m touching the aluminum case. At first I thought it was just the material of the gunmetal on the case and my finger is getting friction when rubbing it (slightly touching it). It’s not shocking me or anything but it feels as if I’m semi grounding the unit to earth. I thought it was normal but when I pulled off the dc adapter, the feeling stopped. As this unit is brand new, I’m thinking it’s just how it was designed. Is it the same on your machines?

That is weird. If the Form 1+ used AC current, I’d say your outlet was not grounded properly. But since its DC… I’m at a bit of a loss.

Try opening a ticket. Maybe the FormLabs team has heard of this before.

I just tried 3 other outlets in the house. Same thing. If press my fingers down, it feels normal. If I gently brush my fingers on the case and rub it very lightly, then I get a friction feeling. Now if I unplug the power, there’s no feeling at all. It just feels aluminum. Just thought I’d share.

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