I am “one of those people” who gets zapped by static charges all the time.  It can be raining outside, and I still get shocked.  I believe it is related to the same biochemistry that causes metals I touch to rust very quickly.  I used to literally test the effectiveness of rust prevention films by handling the same parts coated in different films, and the last one to rust was the one we used for OEM parts when I worked at Bosch.

On to the pertinent issue, I get shocked by the Form1 almost every time I touch the metal base.  Am I alone, or do others get shocked too?  I would have thought the USB plug would have a path to ground via the PC, but maybe that isn’t the case?

I don’t get shocked by most of my appliances, but most of them have plastic primary touchpoints.

Any suggestions to get my Form1 to stop “pecking” me (she is a bird, afterall, my BraveQuelea…)   ; )

Hmm, I have not been shocked by my form 1 yet. It seems like you personally are more conductive than the average person. Maybe scientists should study you. :wink:


Perhaps try using an anti-static cloth such as this:


Also, are you working from a laptop or desktop?


I get zapped by mine sometimes (more like I zap it,) but I haven’t noticed any bad behavior.  It’s a sizeable metal object, if you’re charged up, you’re going to get zapped.

Maybe, avoid carpet and dry air? Use hand lotion/body lotion frequently? I don’t know. I have industrial/thin carpet in my workspace, and the table legs are wood, but the top of the table where the Form1 is located is a sheet of glass. I make sure the Form1 is plugged in before I touch it. That seems to work for me. Also, I live close to the ocean, so the air is relatively humid.

maybe wear one of these?