Anyone else get the "Screen Jank" effect?

Every now and then the screen starts making these odd trails and stuttering back and forth. It doesn’t seem to affect the touch screen or the printer’s functioning, but it certainly scares the shit out of me every time.

Edit: and for you speed readers out there, that says BLUE top plug, not… something else. (Refers to the fipple plug on a pennywhistle).

That’s a sign of a failing display driver. It’s probably temperature dependent at the moment. Odds are it will degrade to the point it behaves this way 100% of the time. It could just be a weak connection from the display to the driver board depending on how that connection is being made. But it’s a warranty issue either way so it doesn’t matter.

The display in my $1200 “ix20” Android-based radio control transmitter is doing the same exact thing. On mine, I know it’s a connection because when it started to do it, I could get it to stop by lightly pressing on a corner of the display. I’m out of warranty and haven’t decided if I want to take it apart and try and fix it myself, or send it in and pay them whatever exorbitant fee they’ll charge me…

It won’t affect the touch screen, that’s a completely different set of circuitry that’s mechanically overlaid on the face of the display panel.

Well, that’s really frustrating. I’ve had this machine less than a year, printed less than 2L worth of resin on it, and it’s not moved from the table I put it on when I first got it

Hey @rcameronstahl, sorry you’re having this issue with your Form 3!

I can confirm that even though this looks scary, it’s not going to affect your printer’s function (other than making it hard to tell what is on the screen, of course). If you contact our support team they should be able to help you out with this problem.

Thanks, I’ll reach out to them when I contact them about the resin particulate. Frankly so long as the screen is still functionally legible it’s not a huge deal. I’m pretty handy with ‘under the hood’ stuff, so if it’s not a hugely in-depth repair I might be able to do it myself, depending on how the machine is built.