Form 1+ metal shavings at base of worm gear

I noticed some residue in my Form 1+, on top of the motor at the base of the worm gear screw. Has anyone else here seen anything like this?

It seems composed of metal filings and dust, mixed with small specks of dark grease or some kind of lubricant. More pictures are here:

My working theory is that it’s from friction between the worm gear screw, and the “bearing” that travels up and down it and connects to the build platform holder. When the build platform is raised and lowered I can hear a subtle, cyclic rattling or “scratching” sound (when watching the video, turn your volume up to hear it underneath the whine of the motor). Formlabs Support says it sounds normal.

Could I ask a couple other Form 1+ owners to check the same area of their printers to see if they notice any such debris, and whether your machine sounds the same or different when the build platform is lowered / raised?

I never really looked at that area of my printer, so I’m guessing whatever residue was there would have accumulated over the lifetime of my printer. I’m hoping it was just “wearing in” when it was fresh from the factory.

My prints are coming out fine (better than any other Form / Form 1+ I’ve owned).

I had that on my printer. Not sure if it is “normal” but I do not think it caused any of my problems.

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