Grey v4 Serious Layer Printing Error

Hi, I’ve been using printer for a year with zero print failures. I’ve had accidents with supports and certain orientaion, but never an actual print failure error.

It looks as if the layer thickness is huge. It doesn’t actually differ from the master model, as we have compared it, so there are no dimension changes, but the layering is completely off!

New photo by Sean Nunan

does anyone have a solution to this? Something tells me there is something wrong inside the printer, as it is happening with every print, and never did it before.

Thank you so much for reading my problem!

I don’t know about others but I can’t see the images. Formlabs has provided us with a handy upload tool if you don’t mind uploading the images to their servers.

Also is the issue is pressing you might want to get in contact with Formlabs support team, they’re pretty responsive and if you follow the “print failure guide” and submit the photographs of the test prints as well as of the optical window as indicated you’ll gain a few hours.

Otherwise I’m sure you’ll get some advices when the images are visible :wink:

Sorry, error with the link. Hopefully you can see the image now.

It looks like an optical contamination issue. I’d check if the tank is still clear enough on the inside, and if there are no marks on the outside. I’d also check the optical window and if needed I’d clean it :

If these steps don’t help you should really get in contact with Formlabs.

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