Grey V4 Froth

Anyone else experiencing Froth after a print? Does not seem to hurt print quality!
How do I attach a picture??

There are a couple active threads on this. It’s normal for that resin. No harm.

V3 is really frothy too

I’m finding V4 grey way more prone to frothing that V3 was. It’s almost like the head on a beer, and the mirco bubbles remain in the entire volume of resin in the tray, not just a layer on top. It has been resulting in some very fine miro pits in the surface of smooth prints too.

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Still an issue. I just had 3 prints give me this finishing issue as a result. One was after a full tray clean and fresh resin…

i have also had frothy resin Flung over the edge of the tank by the wiper arm… I problem they obviously tried to address in the LT tank design- but would still like to see the foam issue eliminated or dramatically reduced.

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I was using V3, lotsa froth. So much to the point that small cavities (.015 x .275) thru the .75 Z height were full and hard right off the printer. I tried to run steel shim stock thru after they came out of the wash. They would not clear. Dimensionally the parts were off as well. I expect my printer to run within .005. It did when it was new, not so much after 2 years. I miss the V2 grey. Just loaded a new resin tank and filled it with V4. Now I’m having issues with the first few layers of the part where it meets the supports are missing. Also froth. Not real happy…

This sound like you have dust or other dirt in your optical path and your machine needs a good clean. I’ve never seen any effect from the froth, but keeping the optical surfaces can make the difference between how the machine print when new and what you are seeing ow.

Using V4 for a some months now and there are no good things to say about it. The amount of froth brings a number of issues it with. It seems that we get a lot of small particles in the tank, these are impossible to sieve out and cause print defects. On top of this support quality even with large contact points are way worse than V3. Printed a lot of the same jobs just converted to V4 and they would fail and show up with small holes even when running a new tank.

Same here.
Lot of tiny holes in the print due to, I guess, this froth with the grey standard resin. I am pretty sure that these structure defects are resopnsible for the weekened mechanical characteristics regarding break resistance.

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