Grey V3 Frothing (many, many bubbles) in the resin tank


I have noticed with the new Grey V3 resin that I am getting a great amount of bubbles on the surface that do not dissipate as other resins have. Is this normal for the newer formula resin and anything to be concerned about?


mine does the same, but doenst seem to give any issues when printing

looks exactly like mine, could be absorbed moisture

Yeah…I don’t think any of my recent print issues have been a result of this (rather using similar settings as I had been using with V2 instead). I have just never noticed before with any of the other resins I have used at least not to this level.

Grey V3 can have a bit more of this ‘froth’ than other materials but this is normal and shouldn’t adversely affect printing. If you are seeing artifacts that seem to be caused by this, let me know so that we can look into it.

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If this is normal than I won’t worry anymore. I just had not noticed this with any of the other resins that I had used up to this point. I am also noticing that it seems to have a higher viscosity as well so maybe this is a contributing factor.

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