Bad Foaming with Grey V4

Just bought a Form2 last week, had good luck on two small 3 hour prints. The third print was 6 hours and I it was CRAP!! What is up with the Grey V4 resin? I have firmware rc-1.16.8-19 and Preform 2.15.1 loaded. The time between the last prints was at least 12 hours. There was still some bubbles visible in the resin. After the 6 hour print, I had so many bubbles in the tank and on part, I couldn’t believe it. After 10 mins in Form Wash I was pissed!!

I have seen other posts about this problem, but no Form Labs solution.
The people that have had this problem, what did you do to solve it??


The grey V4 tends to foam like a bath bomb and tends to warp before or after 2 weeks of printing. I’m curently using dental model resin. The dental is a bit more expensive but doesnt warp, holds in screw inserts, holds in sculpting details (zbrush) and its castable. Please view my post of the emperor scorpion sculpt and print (look at the detail). The print was only sunk into 91% alcohol.

Richard Lafarga

Grey v4 does have a tendency to foam, but we’ve worked to validate that this doesn’t impact print quality. Is it possible that this was exposed to reactive wavelengths after printing that might have caused the foam to cure?

Hello could you post some print images with the dental resin? I also have problems with gray resin and it might be an option to switch to dental resin.

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Thanks for the response Frew. But I hate to say, I don’t believe that is what happened. The reason I say that is because it went into Form Wash immediately after it finished printing. When I say immediately, I’m talking about 45 seconds after printing. The room where the printer is in has just a couple of incandescent lamps in the ceiling that is 10 feet tall and if the cover for the printer is doing its job correctly there should be no reactive wavelengths of light getting into the printing area. From the other posts about the Grey V4 resin, I’d say it has HUGE tendency to foam uncontrollably. I’d say you have a problem with the surface tension of the resin not letting the air bubbles properly dissipate. When you say you have worked to validate the foaming does not impact print quality, then why do so many people have a problem with it. What is you procedure to not let the foam impact the print quality?


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